How to use common sense in trying times? What does it mean to be healthy in the year 2020?

Personally, I doubt if prepping by buying canned food and other long-lasting food- products are useful. One needs to know how food is produced and fabricated first, before making a choice of what to stock up. Apart from knowing one’s motive, coming from fear or from the use of common sense.

AMARIAN edited 08-2020

What’s in need to be questioned?
Do I live in a safe location (with my family)?
What brings me peace of mind and body (and those of my family)?
What do I need to study, explore and learn, practice, in order to create a lifestyle that keeps me alive (with my family)?
How do I reach peace of mind?
Do I have to be at peace with my mind first, before finding clarity of mind?
What’s the best choice, navel staring and wait for answers?
Or start acting and DOING things that need to be done… in order to.. achieve?

At times, the answer emerges from the question, when it’s about peace of mind. For isn’t it true that finding peace of mind is equal to being at peace with one’s mind? In the presence of our NOW?

Many of us live in a linear fashion of mind and when a plan is made, it’s like a path disappearing in the distance with the destiny at the end. With peace of mind at the end next to it. Hence the lack of peace at the start of such an endeavour, for our mind goes fast-forward reaching toward that state of peace…. at ease, at the end of that path. A choice on itself can be a state of peace in itself, a conscious creation with clarity.

When we reach forward to that destiny, with our attention, we risk ignoring the beauty that grows alongside our chosen path, even our travel-companions and the way-showers at crossings with other travellers on it. Those travellers are also way-showers often, showing a different approach/direction.

In other words, seeing oneself as whole, complete and capable right now, is helpful, to focus on our present moment and be joyful about it, in contentment. Including others around oneself, sharing the same path, close by or a bit further on distance. Every journey begins with the first step, make it an enjoyable one, I suggest.

To me, the best self-empowering way to achieve one’s goal, fulfil one’s mission, and create a lifestyle that includes the wellbeing of all creatures and not just one’s own, with confidence in tow, is making everything a choice, consciously. No matter how small.

And start acting on that choice, with observation in tow, also of one’s inner responses and physical signals. Without the judgment of failure, doubt, guilt or shame ruling one’s choice, observed nevertheless, at times. They can remain “passers-by” disappearing again.

When daily life, in its practicalities, such as finding out how to survive and be safe, shows a need for change, a need for a new choice, then one makes a new choice, in the same fashion, etc. etc. By doing this consciously, one is able to witness motive, manner and style of achieving, within oneself and in others. That’s highly effective, potentially, and educational, see what I mean?

Even more, when this ability is shared with one’s family members and/or one’s community-members, life begins to be so much more interesting and rewarding. Communication rises to a whole new level, in openness, non-violent. Of course, it’s a learning curve and a work in progress, always. No linear fashion is helpful in this realm. Which brings me on the subject of time.

In the Western world, we’re living in linear time, with a flat surface of the clock in a circle of 12 numbers. In the ancient world, we were living in cyclical time, with the number 13 pulling off the circle of 12 from the clock’s surface, into a spiral. The Classic Mayan priests observed the skies, were capable of observing planet Earth from a distance. They observed the completion of 13 full moons in a year of 364 days. Each moon lasting 28 days 13 x 28 = 364 days. In other parts of our planet, this was known as well, like in the Shinto religion of old Japan.

Today, July 25th, is the Day Out of Time, according to the 13-moon calendar of the Classic Maya astronomers. Today, it’s Kin 118 White Magnetic Mirror. Reflecting, confrontational, cutting the crap. Magnetic means: nr 1, leading a 13 day-wavespell. I’m a Yellow Cosmic Star Kin 208, the 13th in a wavespell.


Today, July 26th 2020, is New Year’s Day on this calendar, with the Blue Lunar Storm Kin 119. The year-bearer until July 24th 2021. The energy of the Blue Lunar Storm is polarizing by nature the action needed is “stabilizing”  and the purpose is “challenge”.


. . Tone 2: Lunar – Relationships & Polarity

The image of the Blue Storm is in the centre.

Blue Storm is your Conscious Self – who you are and who you are becoming.

White Wind, below, is the Subconscious Self and Hidden Helper.                             

Yellow Sun, at the right, is the Complimentary factor – something that comes naturally to oneself.                                                                                                                                 

Red Moon represents your Challenge and Gift. With maturity and awareness, this challenge will turn into a Focus. This is what you desire to learn in this lifetime.

For more info or study of the 13 Moon Calendar of Natural Time, I suggest you visit my page “Mayan wisdom and Tzolkin tools” here.

Challenge doesn’t have to be experienced in soaring blood pressure and heart palpitations. Unless our physical safety is at stake. Making everything into a choice releases one from insecurity and confusion, which are energy-draining emotions.
It requires stepping out of duality consciousness and release polarizing tendencies.

Every choice is a piece of mosaic in the pattern of one’s plan, be it in survival mode or in times of peace. The latter may emerge from the former. Unless our physical safety is at stake, and after all, ask yourself, while reading this, how much comfort you’re enjoying? Our external conditions and circumstances are no rulers over us, unless we make that a choice, consciously.

Wouldn’t we immediately feel that this choice leads to a confused state and bewilderment? When we’re not practising observation of our instinctual responses, wouldn’t that cause damage to our autonomy?  Therefore, we need to be truthful to ourselves and clear about our motives and drives.

Laughing now, I confess that I remind myself often of what I’ve shared with you here. 😊 🎇 🏡 🗽🔯 💃


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The way the medical industry has begun to look at symptoms of flu and fever, any form of response by a healthy immune system to infection, poison or substance causing an allergy, is as if it’s not supposed to be present and if it’s an enemy, a bad thing that should be avoided or done away with.

Hence the general view and methods to fix any condition that is a result of that natural response of our human immune system. The understanding of “health” has become a materialistic view with expectations of how it should look like and feel. Appearances and performance, these two have become the norm in many aspects of our lives, in Western societies since the start of our 2nd Millenium. The external world and the virtual world of the internet of things are given more attention than what’s stirring beneath the inner lining of our bodies and the state of our emotional and mental balance.

Springtime shoots

Know that I’m impressed by the technical development in surgery and physical repair with plates, new knees, hips and other parts of the physical body. There are doctors and nurses who dedicate their life and love for healing and putting an end to suffering.

Plus, an equally important argument, from that materialistic point of view, that the economy shouldn’t be affected by these “disturbances”: the need to go on sick-leave and be away from work for long periods of time. That’s not convenient to the machinery of money-makers and the slave masters who expect often that human beings are automatons, obeying to what’s designed by these masters on their “blackboards”.

Since I’ve retired from working life, the world of labour and the 24-hours economy looks like utter madness to me. All my working years I’ve worked a maximum of 3 days a week, for I knew that my health would suffer from a 36-40 hours working week. Besides, I need my work as an artist, crafter and writer. Creativity is the oxygen in my body and the gym for my soul.

The biggest mistake that the present medical industry has based its treatments on is the idea that the human immune response is a sign of dis-ease, while in truth it’s a sign of health: the ability to respond to an effect with a lively vigour. The higher the fever, the healthier one’s immune system is. It’s a sign of a proper response and the more we allow our immune system to be alive and kicking, by living in a natural way, which, to me, means life in connection with the soil, the elements, the changing of the weather, a conscious relationship with nature, the animal and plant kingdom, and stewardship in a communal effort to create nurturing conditions within the family and the world at large.

Living conditions without the use of disinfectants, antibiotics, chemical substances: killers of bugs, bacteria and all other crawly critters affecting our system, the stronger we’ll keep ourselves alive, feeling healthy and conscious about our health and the choices we make to take care of our physical, emotional and mental condition.

It’s my pillar of trust in life, that when I say “Yes” to life, life responds with a “Yes” to me. Asking questions, wondering and pondering, is your birthright. That’s called “the use of common sense” Most of our anxiety is a result of going in circles with imaginations + fantasies: easily resulting into fear. Fear for the unknown that doesn’t exist. That condition drains your energy, the energy that is made to better use for your daily activities, your joys and sense of fulfillment.

Thank you for visiting, blessed be, Marian.


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